Friday, April 17, 2015

The "Safe-Gun" Oxymoron...

As a gun enthusiast I tend to pay close attention to the news when it comes to new products or gun laws, And like me, you've probably seen this feel-good story pop up on social media feeds a lot lately. I figure it's time to speak out against this bad idea. Allow me to explain....
The idea of a "Safe-gun" isn't a new idea as this has been around for nearly a century; we're hearing about it again because the anti-gun groups and the media are pushing it since Obama's gun laws aren't coming to fruition.
Let me just say this...this is a bad, bad,...super bad idea for soo many reasons. I'm sure this kid is doing this under the motives to save kids lives, but this product can actually kill kids more-so than a "non-smart gun". I'm betting that this young man has not had to manipulate and fire a weapon under intense or extreme stress? Think about your grip and how it changes under certain stressful conditions. Now think about the complexity and unreliability of a fingerprint scanner (and how they don't work on your iPhone half the time to unlock your device) and how that will play into a scenario where seconds count to save your life. I don't know about you, but I don't like the idea of trusting a scanner or the software running such a device with my life or the life of a family. 
Will smart-guns save lives? No, I don't believe so...guns are not iPhones and shouldn't be looked at in such a way. I see this as a VERY bad thing actually, because it will cause people to be complacent (or negligent) in gun safety practices. They will inevitably mistreat/misuse their firearms and allow themselves to feel a false sense of security. Technology fails all the time...more so than mechanical devices do. The big selling point of this 'safe-gun' idea is that "A child can’t fire the gun."...well guess what, a child can’t fire a gun that was put away properly either. A child won't handle a firearm if they are properly educated and trained by their parents. Smart guns aren't fully reliable, and I'd hate to see someone deploy it to defend themselves, only to have the firearm version of Siri say that "the device cannot be used at the moment and to try back again later".
Don't get me wrong...I commend the kid for trying to come up with a safe product to save lives, but..hell is paved with good intentions.
-Stay alert, stay alive.


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